Program Information - MXT Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Saint John

Program Information

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling style martial art. It focuses on dominant positions, leverage, and submissions. BJJ is great for self-defense, fitness, and confidence.

Notice: All Wee Warriors and Junior Warriors Programs are open to new members. Please email to inquire about your free trial. 

Kids 12 and over may join our adult fundamentals programs. 

Wee Warriors

4&5 Year Olds

A play based introduction to the sport and our gym. Kids learn the very basics of jiujitsu 

Junior Warriors I & II

Ages 6-11

Our Junior Warriors BJJ classes include a warm-up and fitness training, technique. Kids learn basics in a fun and safe environment 

Fundamental Adult BJJ

The beginner program is made for new BJJ students to get introduced to the sport.  Classes focus on movement and technique and if you are looking to try out BJJ this is the class for you. 

Note to more advanced students -  you are all welcome to this class as well if you are looking to focus on technique and drilling.

Advanced Adult BJJ

This class is reserved for students who have been training for at least 6 months. This class moves at a faster pace and is suited for those with basic fundamentals.

'No-Gi' grappling

Our No-Gi classes are great for all levels. "No-Gi" simply means, no uniform, so show up in shorts and a rash guard. We offer No-gi in both fundamentals and advanced.